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World Parkour Championships goes D2C on Recast

By 18th February 2021 No Comments

There will be full live streams on the platform once the tournament resumes post-lockdown.

The World Parkour Championships (WPC) is to share content via sports video platform Recast. The tournament, described as “Parkour’s showpiece series”, will be hosted on the subscription-free app, providing exclusive clips, highlights and interviews from the events.

The content will extend to full live streams once the WPC tour resumes following the easing of lockdown restrictions.

Clips from the series were previously only available on YouTube and video sharing sites. The Recast platform enables viewers to watch content paid for through credits, which can be earned through posting videos, sharing videos, and watching ads.

Micropayments from these transactions will give Race Marketing & Management (RMM), which manages WPC content, additional funds to invest back into the sport, its athletes and other WPC events.

RMM managing director Selim Kemahli, said: “This partnership is a major step for the WPC and Parkour as we work to broaden its appeal and allow bigger audiences to enjoy this fantastic sport.

Andy Meikle, founder and CEO of Recast, added: “With millions of fans following Parkour and the WPC around the world, this is undoubtedly an exciting partnership. Giving sports such as Parkour the airtime they deserve and a solution which works for the fan, the athlete and the sport by monetising content effectively, is precisely why we created Recast.”

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