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Serie A officially launches domestic broadcast rights sales bidding

By 6th January 2021 No Comments

There are three packages available for broadcasters

Serie A logoSerie A has officially launched the bidding process for its domestic broadcast rights for 2021-22 until 2023-24, with the deadline on 26 January.

The Italian league has issued three packages: A, B, and C. Package A contains satellite platform rights and has a minimum price of €500 million (£453m), package B is exclusive digital terrestrial rights and priced at €400 million (£362.5m), and package C covers co-exclusive internet, IPTV and mobile platforms for at least €250 million (£226.6m).

There is also the option to buy additional ‘gold’ accessory rights for those who pick up the packages.

In addition to these options, there are three alternative offerings. Package 1 is worth $750 million (£679.4m) and includes exclusive rights across all platforms, package 2 at €250 million (£226.6m) covers all platforms exclusively but with the exception that internet, IPTV and mobile broadcasting must be co-exclusive.

Finally, package 3 is those co-exclusive internet, IPTV and mobile rights from package 2, and is priced at €150 million (£135.9m).

Currently the rights are held by traditional broadcaster Sky Italia and OTT platform DAZN, deals which raised €973 million (£881.4m). It is unknown if the pair will be bidding again, but if they do it appears that an increase on that amount will be needed.

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