La Liga and broadcasters adapt ‘Ultimate Xpert’ competition for Covid-19

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The competition has had to be tweaked to deal with the realities of the Covid-19 pandemic

La Liga is teaming up with broadcasters across the globe for its ‘Ultimate Xpert’ competition, which runs from December until May.

In seasons past, this has entailed lucky subscribers, journalists, and influencers visiting stadiums, watching matches, and taking part in cultural visits to Spanish cities to create the programming around the competition.

However, with the Covid-19 pandemic meaning that this is not possible this year, the organisation has modified – switching to try and find the most passionate La Liga fans from across the world.

The adapted format sees either a La Liga ambassador or current player ask a question each week about the team that is being highlighted that week. Broadcasters receive two videos of the question being asked, one longer with additional content, and another shorter for social media.

Content is supplied in the original Spanish, or with an English voice-over, as well as being translated and subtitled into various languages.

Subscribers must use the hashtag #LaLigaUltimateXpert with their answer, but each broadcaster is allowed to decide how it wants to run its competition and decide its winner.

La Liga assists the broadcasters with their action plans, and after 20 weeks will study the data accrued with broadcasters.

Once the competition has run, the winners will have a chance to win a trip to Spain for the 2021/22 season, where they will take part in activations with La Liga clubs, esports challenges, and cultural tours. There may also be a grand finale to decide an overall winner.

Head of LaLiga experience, María José Silva, said: “This year, given the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve adapted.

“We did so alongside broadcast partners, who we consult regularly to get their feedback on our campaigns and their suggestions for the future.”

She added: “We’re looking to grow broadcasters’ audience numbers for the matches and for other programmes, which will be possible because viewers will have to pay close attention to the questions to be able to participate.

“In a similar way, engagement on social media increases because of the weekly prizes and exclusive content being offered.”

This is driven by the content provided, Silva notes: “We offer broadcasters all kinds of material, from the visual resources and videos to the competition prizes to suggestions for the format of how to run their contests.”

Although, broadcasters will still have freedom: “It might be different for each broadcaster and we’ll look at the data to determine which platforms are working best. We have considered how competitions are usually run in different countries but through studying audience participation we will get the best indication of how to move forward.”

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