Sky, BT, and Rise on remote production’s potential for inclusivity

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Rise managing director Carrie Wooten, Sky Sports’ Jena Mihalovic, and BT Sport’s Charlotte Winter were speaking at the Broadcast Sport Tech Innovation Forum

Remote production could have a big effect on inclusivity in the broadcast industry, according to Rise managing director Carrie Wooten and figures from major broadcasters Sky and BT.

The trio spoke at the Broadcast Sport Tech Innovation Forum, and believe that women and other underrepresented groups could benefit from the growing use of remote production. The Covid-19 lockdowns have seen its use become vital over the past eight months.

Jena Mihalovic, operational delivery lead, technical operations, at Sky Sports, said: “It really levels the playing field.

“People who may have home commitments, be caring for a parent…now they have the opportunity to work on some of our biggest games. It really helps inclusivity.”

BT Sport outside broadcast manager, Charlotte Winter, added: “A truck isn’t the a welcoming environment for anyone, especially if you’re disabled, and this changes that.”

Wooten, managing director at Rise – an advocacy group helping women get into broadcast –  believes women could especially benefit: “Females traditionally do more childcare, and this step change could make that step change.”

Remote production is likely to be one of the main benefits gained from innovation during lockdowns, and increasing inclusivity is one of many areas it could improve.

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