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Sunset+Vine on the future of remote production

By 11th November 2020 November 13th, 2020 No Comments

Sunset+Vine executive producer Nick Moody backed remote production to stick around post lockdown at the Broadcast Sport Tech Innovation Forum

Sunset+Vine executive producer Nick Moody has backed remote production to be one of the main improvements in broadcast production that will stay after lockdowns end.

Speaking at the Broadcast Sport Tech Innovation Forum in a panel with Whisper TV senior producer Jemma Archer, and Aurora executive producer Matthew Beal, Moody also confirmed that Amazon will be continuing to use remote production in their Premier League coverage later in the season.

“It’s not going to go back,” he said. “What has happened during the summer is we’ve had a huge push for distributed remote production. Bot Sky and BT are doing huge remote productions. Thats good for the industry.

“On Saturday for the Everton v Man Utd match, the EVS ops were in High Wycombe, the presentation team was in Stratford, the cameramen were in Liverpool – and that’s how Amazon will do it later this month.

He added: “Remote production is here to stay and it’s good for the industry. It’s much more sustainable, you have less people on site. That’s probably one of the big positives that has come out of the pandemic. That’s the big tick.”

He also pointed to an improvement during lockdown broadcasting that most hope will not continue to be possible: “We’ve been able to have come lovely stands at stadiums because there are no fans there!”

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