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Ex-Leicester City player behind social media project The Wave House

By 25th September 2020 No Comments

Agency co-created by Jidé Maduako creates format to house six social media influencers for six months in what he describes as an environment akin to a “professional sports academy”.

Yoke Network, the influencer marketing agency created by former Leicester City footballer Jidé Maduako has created The Wave House – what sounds like a Big Brother house for the modern age – which will house six influencers for the next six months.

The influencers, from TikTok, Instagram and YouTube, will set up home together in a seven-bedroom Essex property, and document their experiences on camera, making comedy skits, fashion videos, pranks and sharing content on their own accounts on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube.

Maduako likens The Wave House to a professional sports academy where the focus of those inside is on creativity and discipline as well as hard work and growth.

The Wave House is described as “less party house, more sports-style training academy, but for influencers.”

The daily itinerary for the influencers includes morning content brainstorms; dedicated filming and editing sessions; personal training; check-ins with mentors and personal work time.

The property sits in 13 acres of landscaped private grounds with a cinema room, swimming pool, spa and steam room and a gym.

The influencers who will be moving in together are:
Eloise Fouladgar @eloisefouladgar 2.4m followers
James ‘Jimbo’ Hall @jimbo.h 1.2m followers
Millie Taylforth @milliet24 665k followers
Carmie Sellitto @touchdalight 518k followers
Kate Elisabeth @kateelisabethh 419k followers
Spencer Elmer @elmofilms 183k followers

Maduako said: “When I was training with Leicester, I saw the benefit the work brings and the foundation it provides for life,” “Lots of my peers at Leicester have moved on to create successful businesses because of the discipline and structure they had in training. We want to give the creators in The Wave House that same opportunity.

“We already know our influencers have the skills to create engaging content and the popularity to bring in huge audiences. Throw in a breathtaking setting and unexpected collaborations and it’s going to be a hit for the team and viewers. People who already follow our influencer team can expect to see exclusive material and new sides to their favourites that have yet to be revealed.”

Fouladgar added: “Working together means there’s so many more ways that we can make fresh content that everyone’s going to love. Yoke has been instrumental in making sure that the house will be fun and challenging The content is top secret for now, but rest assured you’re going to want to see some of the most ambitious stuff I have been able to make ever.”

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