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Dugout football clips now available to BeIn Sports North America

By 18th September 2020 No Comments

Broadcaster agrees deal with football content company Dugout to access its large library of top-tier football clips.

BeIn Sports North America is partnering with football content specialist Dugout to give its users in the US and Canada access to Dugout’s extensive library of football clips.

This includes 3,500 videos generated by Dugout’s production team each month, as well as tens of thousands of existing archive videos.

Dugout will also provide BeIn Sports North America with live-streamed content including pre and post-match interviews and training session updates, along with other non-match footage from the archives.

The deal gives BeIn Sports loads of additional football content, while, for Dugout, it expands the reach of its content library to ‘highly engaged’ audiences in North America.

Elliot Richardson, chairman and co-founder of Dugout said: “BeIn Sports’ audiences will gain access to hours of archive footage in addition to Dugout’s live-stream product, which work together to give audiences that electric feeling of being at the games, while having additional off-limits footage to provide a fuller fan experience.”

Juan Di Polo, senior digital director at BeIn Sports North America added: “The partnership with Dugout unlocks a wealth of extraordinary soccer footage for North American fans. We are glad to offer even more of this content to our growing fanbase through this partnership.”

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