Sky unveils Premier League title sequence for 2020/21 season

By 17th September 2020 No Comments

The title sequence includes subtle references to Liverpool throughout.

Sky Creative Agency has created this season’s Premier League title sequence for Sky Sports. It was made during lockdown, in collaboration with The Mill and features all 20 Premier League teams.

Current champions Liverpool start and end the spot, which has subtle Liverpool-focused additions such as red ribbons and the reflection of Anfield in the end reveal.

The sequence ends with a ticker tape fanfare, with the ticker tape forming the Liverpool liver bird.

UK soul star Celeste’s single Stop This Flame is the music in the film, and will also soundtrack Sky Sports coverage of the Premier League this season. It will be played leading in to the ad breaks in Friday Night Football, Saturday Night Football, Super Sunday and a range of replay and highlights programming.

Sky Creative Agency’s executive creative director, design, Ceri Sampson, said: “The return of the Premier League season, particularly after such a strange six months, is an exciting time for football fans and for Sky Sports, and we felt it deserved a refresh of the Super Sunday titles.”

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