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Stats Perform creates a series of real-time insights for Premier League

By 14th September 2020 No Comments

Stats Perform is providing a series of new metrics and insights into Premier League games this season.

The data has been made possible using player and ball tracking data from the Premier League’s tracking provider, Second Spectrum. This uses ‘computer vision’ to automatically identify and provide the precise coordinates of each player and the ball 25 times a second.

This data has been synchronised with Stats Perform’s eventing feeds to add new context and tactical information that has never been available before. Stats Perform describes the insights it brings as “the most comprehensive and robust set of football data available.”

The new metrics include shot velocity; passing probabilities; and off-ball runs.
A Premier League spokesperson said: “The new Insights feed that will enhance storytelling and provide a new perspective of the Premier League to all our fans.”

Second Spectrum added: “We are excited to show how together we can both improve our understanding of the intricacies of the game and simultaneously move the game forward with the best data and insights that the sport deserves.”

Stats Perform said: “This new Insights Feed opens up new storytelling never been seen in the media world before. Premier League supporters can expect fresh new Insights around their favourite teams and players using this new data and we believe it offers tremendous opportunities for the next generation of football fans.”

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