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Promethean TV creates Sports Stats Overlays for mobile streams

By 7th July 2020 No Comments

The overlays offer insights, sponsored messages and real-time information during a game.

Promethean TV has created a Sports Stats Overlay to enable broadcasters to add real-time statistics and information about a game or league to mobile streams.

The data includes live scores, league table updates, team line-ups, individual player statistics, head-to-head statistics, polls, sponsored messages and so on.

The information is overlaid on to game streams on mobile devices, and the overlays can be created and managed remotely.

The Sports Stats Overlay will be included by True Digital Group as a way to offer digital advertising on its Premier League streams in South East Asia.

Ian Sharpe, CEO at Promethean TV, said: “We have a passion for innovation in video and want to offer a solution that helps sport broadcasters to further engage with their audiences. They can’t afford to press pause when digital transformation is fast forwarding all around us.”

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