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Sky Sports has reportedly secured rebate deal with Premier League

By 17th June 2020 No Comments

Sky Sports looks set to receive compensation from clubs to mitigate against loss of revenue during lockdown.

Sky Sports has reportedly come to a rebate agreement with the Premier League to cover the cancellation of games during the Covid-19 pandemic.

During lockdown, with no Premier League games to show, Sky has had to offer refunds to some subscribers, which has had a serious impact on revenue.

It was previously reported the Premier League would repay UK broadcasters £223 million.

A report in The Financial Times appears to confirm that Sky will receive £170 million of this, with the payment being deferred until next season, to help clubs with cash flow.

In the article, Sky Sports managing director Rob Webster said the negotiations were “balanced and fair” and the amount agreed “mitigate the impact on business [from] the lack of live sport over the past 12 weeks.”

The three-season deal agreed by the Premier League and Sky and BT Sport in 2018, came in at a total of £4.5 billion.  Sky’s 128 games a season alone amounted to £1.193 billion a year.

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