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Otro Studios remotely produces MTV Cribs footballers series

By 20th May 2020 No Comments

Otro created a bespoke workflow to enable footballers to film themselves at home on iPhones while being directed live by the production team, also at home.

MTV has commissioned Otro Studios to create a football-themed edition of MTV Cribs.

MTV Cribs: Footballers Stay Home is being produced remotely, with Otro Studios catching up with a series of international footballers at home during the Covid-19 lockdown.

The series reveals the footballers’ daily routines; how they are keeping fit; what’s hidden in their fridge; amusing pastimes; and so on.

The 4 x 22-minute series features Arsenal’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and David Luiz; England and Manchester United Midfielder Jesse Lingard; Brazil and Manchester United midfielder Andreas Pereira; Belgian footballing legend Axel Witsel; and Fifa 2017 female player of the year, Lieke Martens.

The production is being made by the footballers filming themselves on high-spec iPhones and handheld camera rigs, guided by a remote production team, also working from home.

Otro Studios says it devised a new technical set up for the remote filming, enabling the production team to see what the camera sees, in real-time, via video conferencing.

The players are also hooked up via the audio output of their iPhone to the producer, who, Otro says, “guides them around their Crib as if they were in their homes with them.”

Craig Orr, vice president commissioning and development, MTV International, says: “MTV Cribs remains one of the most iconic shows in MTV’s history and whilst fans are home missing sports and seeking fitness ideas, we’ve asked some of our footie favourites to shed light on their stay-at-home routines, while giving the players a platform to reinforce the importance of staying home.”

Claire McArdle, managing director, Otro, adds: “Our production team has already done an extraordinary job negotiating the technical challenges of the current situation and we’re looking forward to delivering more unique insights into the home lives of football stars around the world.”

The series will air 1 June on MTV’s network of international channels and digital platforms, which spans 180 countries.

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