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World’s Strongest Man turns to DIY ‘Home Edition’ format for Snapchat

By 5th May 2020 No Comments

The strongmen will use heavy household objects, including their own cars, for the lockdown format.

The World’s Strongest Man organisation has launched a Snapchat spin-off during lockdown, called the World’s Strongest Man: Home Edition.

It runs on Snapchat’s Discover page every Monday for the next 11 weeks, with eight of the world’s strongmen lifting ‘imaginative’ home items to compete for a $10K (£8K) prize.

Each match-up focuses on a different strength move, such as deadlifts, overhead press, and farmer’s walks, which competitors complete with items from their home.

This could include a couch, a car, or a pet – “the more creative the better,” says the organisation.

Snapchat viewers can vote for their favourite competitor, based on performance and creativity, by swiping up at the end of each episode.

The competition content is being produced by IMG and Endeavor Content’s Film 45.

Contestants include Eddie Williams, Robert Oberst, Rob Kearney, Luke Stoltman, Adam Bishop, Nick Best, Rongo Keene, and Evan Singleton.

2017 World’s Strongest Man champion Eddie Hall will host each episode. He said: “I can’t wait for the fans to see the creativity these guys bring to the table. I’ve been wondering how the athletes have been getting ready for The World’s Strongest Man competition in November, and many will be without a gym right now. It will be fun to see how they stay in shape somehow.”

Episode rundown of World’s Strongest Man: Home Edition
Monday, May 4: Episode One – Series Trailer
Monday, May 11: Episode Two – Athlete 1 vs. Athlete 2 | OVERHEAD PRESS
Monday, May 18: Episode Three – Athlete 3 vs. Athlete 4 | DEADLIFT REPS
Monday, May 25: Episode Four – Athlete 5 vs. Athlete 6 | LOADING RACE
Monday, June 1: Episode Five – Athlete 7 vs. Athlete 8 | CARRY + FARMER’S WALK
Monday, June 8: Episode Six – Athlete 1 vs. Athlete 4 | LOADING RACE
Monday, June 15: Episode Seven – Athlete 2 vs. Athlete 3 | CARRY + FARMER’S WALK
Monday, June 22: Episode Eight – Athlete 5 vs. Athlete 8 | DEADLIFT REPS
Monday, June 29: Episode Nine – Athlete 6 vs. Athlete 7 | OVERHEAD PRESS
Monday, July 6: Episode Ten – FINALS FACE OFF
Monday, July 13: Episode Eleven – WINNERS REVEALED

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