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Eurovision Sport negotiates sport archive access for EBU members

By 31st March 2020 No Comments

The organisation has helped others across Europe to have access to the World Cup, Tour de France, and other major events

Eurovision Sport has negotiated with sport federations to gain access to archive footage for European Broadcasting Union (EBU) members.

The EBU revealed that the company had spoken with sports federations it is partnered with to allow the public service broadcasters access to former editions of the likes of the FIFA World Cup, Tour de France, and World Athletics Championships.

This was revealed in a statement from the EBU, which also mentioned the various ways in which broadcasters across the continent have dealt with the coronavirus crisis and its impact on sport.

The examples given include the BBC’s efforts to get Match of the Day back on screens in its podcast form, and Italian member Rai launching free daily midday to midnight channel RaiClassic to show archive footage, among other efforts from organisations across Europe.

Runar Østmo. Chair of the EBU Sports Committee, said: “At this special and critical time, it is really good to see the initiatives and creativity that both the EBU and each of its Members are delivering to our sports coverage, through storytelling, presentation and innovation.”

“For us, as public-service broadcasters all over Europe, sport is history, tradition and emotions. In this situation – even without live sports – we can still share stories and moments that can be enjoyed over again – while we all stay home and stay safe.”

Executive director of Eurovision Sport, Stefan Kuerten, added: “The COVID-19 pandemic is presenting one of the most serious threats to society that most of us will have ever experienced, but these examples show that it is at just such times that the public-service ethic of the EBU and its Members asserts its true and unique value.”

“We and our Members are working with our trusted partners to find imaginative ways to continue to serve television viewers, who might be unable to leave their homes because of the crisis, through the power of sport. The EBU-community is, and always will be, there for them and for us all in the bad times as well as the good.”

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