F1 to use Lando Norris streaming popularity in #ChallengeLando esports event

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The racing series has turned to esports while its races are postponed due to the coronavirus crisis

Formula One has built on its esports offering by creating #ChallengeLando – an opportunity to race against McLaren driver Lando Norris.

Norris has a popular channel on streaming site Twitch, which saw him break the record for the most concurrent viewers for F1 on the platform earlier this month – with 70,000 tuning in. This event may be an attempt to use that popularity while the sport is unable to draw viewers with live races.

The event will be taking place on Sunday, at 8pm, and will be streamed on, its official YouTube and Facebook channels, and Twitch. There are four challenges facing Norris, who won’t know who he is racing against until he begins each one. His success will be measured by 15 points that are up for grabs if he completes the tasks.

Members of the public can join the final task, entering below to have a chance to race the F1 star.

Formula One has looked to esports to fill the gap while actual races are unable to go ahead due to the coronavirus crisis. It has created the F1 Esports Virtual Grand Prix that takes place when the suspended races would have otherwise been going ahead, and involves both drivers and other stars.

#ChallengeLando Challenges:
 – Challenge 1: Pro-Am Race Off. An eight-minute race against a celebrity who has had 48 hours to prepare and a head start in the race. Two points available.
Challenge 2: Young Pretender. Another eight minute race, this time against an up and coming junior from the Road to F1 pathway into the sport. They both start at the back of a grid of AI drivers, and three points are available for Norris.
Challenge 3: Race Off/Face Off. Norris will be racing against a fellow driver – either from F1 or another motorsport – who believes they have esports skills. Four points available.
Challenge 4: Lando’s Challenge. In the final test, Norris has to try and repeat Ayrton Senna’s famous victory from 14th place at Suzuka in 1988 – which saw him lift the title. The entire grid will be made of members of the public. Mini-challenges include being eighth by the end of lap two, fourth by the end of lap four, and winning the race by at least 13 seconds. Three points for winning and one each for the mini-challenges.

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