Sports Content Summit: How to create social content for 18-34 age group

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Copa90 and Little Dot reveal top tips for targetting key 18-34 audience online

Copa90 and Little Dot revealed their audience targeting strategies while talking at the Broadcast Sport Content Summit this month.

The two companies largely work through YouTube, creating original and branded content for viewers. However, with so many people trying to gain a following on the platform, it is important that they pinpoint their audience and create videos that are relevant to it.

Speaking about the type of audience you find on online platforms, Robbie Spargo, head of sport at Little Dot, said: “I think [it’s] almost universally younger than broadcast audiences. 18-34 I think is probably the sweet spot, and I think that naturally a lot of the sport content skews very male.”

“I think that one of the reasons that federations and clubs want to be on social is that you’re maybe reaching that audience that you don’t usually. It’s definitely an important consideration and an important factor in being live on those platforms.”

Copa90 co-founder and chief creative officer, Gavin Rowe, added that his company looks to further segment the mostly 18-34 and male audience into different groups.

He said: “We look at them as different types, so we go from your ballers – the people who look to play more than watch football, and we look at them as a particular type.”

“Then we also look at other types. One of the big types that we look at which skews slightly older is explorers – people who are using football as their passport to go out into the world, to actually understand the world a little bit better because they’re building relationships or links or bonds between other like-minded people and it lets them understand their own identity.”

“It skews, but we try to cluster those audiences in a way that we are really able to understand the nuances between them, and the nuances or similarities between them and their peers in other places around the world as well. I think we’re quite lucky in that we’ve built a modest audience, but a modest audience that actually comes from lots of different parts of the world that allows to really understand the similarities between all of those kinds of people.”

Rowe continued on Copa90’s plan: “It’s quite mad. We look at it in turns of who are actual audience is, what their personas are, what are the things that they’re interested in, what their appetite is, what they’re doing, what their consumption patterns are, and all of these kinds of things.”

“We just try and fit into that naturally and as effortlessly as possible, and then try and add a bit of value. Try and make their day a little better, try and give them something that’s a little bit different or a little more.”

With many consumers now at home for longer periods of time due to the coronavirus pandemic, audience targeting strategies could be important to take advantage of more people looking to stream content.

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